Sunday, January 11, 2009

How To Find Work Overseas - 5 Tips To Get That Job Abroad

So you want to know how to find work overseas?

First you need to know, working in your own country alone can be a challenge so if you desire to work abroad then there is one quality that you simply must have. Determination. If you are planning to work, move or travel to say, Italy , France , Thailand or some exotic island, then this quality is vital.

Once you have the determination you then need to have a strategy on how to find work overseas and getting that job abroad. So how do you make it happen?

Here are 5 strategies that you can use to start your journey.

1) Just Do it

Pack your bags and GO. Now this strategy is simple but definitely not for the weak of heart. Pick a country, go there and hope all goes well. But of course you need to so some planning before hand. Do some research on your chosen countries job market, get some contacts that you can use or call when you arrive. Be sure you have some pocket money on the side to last you until you find a job there.

As you can see, there are risks involved. You may, or may not find a job. If anything else, you have had an adventurous experience.

2) Get Posted Abroad

Find a company that is known for sending their employees abroad and work for them. Of course its no guarantee that you will be chosen when the next posting comes around so letting your manager know of your interest might help. I know of a few friends who worked for 5 star hotels and actually got transferred abroad.

3) Volunteer Programs

Take time out and do something worthwhile! Volunteer. There are several volunteers programs you can check out. Often times volunteering can be very hard but the sense of achievement is enormous.

4) Go Back to School

There are plenty of opportunities in other countries, from teaching courses, language courses to ongoing programs in archeology. Once you are there, try and get as many local connections that you need in order to get a paid job. These information you can use later in the future. Having said that, you should also be fully aware of the rules and restrictions for work permits.

Remember, you are there under a student visa, so taking a full time job may get you into trouble. And that is the last thing you need.

5) Freelance

Everyone has their own skills that they could benefit from. What you can do here, you can most probably do overseas. You can freelance as consultants, technical writers, journalists, graphic artists, modeling, teach English or any language that you know. You will be surprised at how quickly your income generates by just freelancing.

Hope that helps and get you started on how to find work overseas.