Sunday, September 14, 2008

Government Grant Program To Aid Minority Students

African Americans, Hispanic Americans, Native Americans and other promising minority students intent on pursuing the agricultural field as a career option can attain their goals with a government grant.

Sadly, many minority Americans are finding it difficult to enhance their academic potential due to financial constraints. Fortunately, the government is exerting extra effort and allocating funds to enable bright, young minority students to fulfill their dreams. One such initiative is the Higher Education Multicultural Scholars Program that aims to assist promising students from marginalized backgrounds excel as agri-science or agri-business specialists. This minority grant provides much-needed student financial aid to undergraduate minority students funneled through colleges and universities that offer a variety of agricultural courses. In essence, this scholarship grant provides a valuable window of opportunity to diversify the work force in the field of food & agricultural science, forestry, natural resources and other related agricultural fields. More than $900,000 has been estimated to be earmarked for 2008 to benefit minority Americans, with grant funds ranging between $20,000 to up to $80,000 to be awarded.

Aside from education assistance, a typical grant search will yield thousands of sources of non-repayable grants that are awarded for virtually any worthwhile purpose. Citizens should take advantage of these funds to improve their present situation in the areas of housing, medical assistance, transportation, employment, and so much more. Millions of dollars of grant money is left unclaimed each year since many Americans are not aware of such or have no idea where to look. The Multicultural Scholars Program though is available that will greatly benefit poverty-stricken minority undergraduates seeking well-deserved professional careers.

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