Monday, September 15, 2008

State Back Taxes Settlement

Having an outstanding tax income and attempting to come to some kind of state back taxes settlement varies from each of the different fifty nifty. As a point of fact there are actually only 41 states that collect resident individual income taxes, 35 of which based their system on your returns from the federal government. Now what do you do when you have state owed taxes? The answer is essentially the same. All of the regular resources, specifically your tax professionals and the government that issued the taxes are your best bet to help settle the state taxes.

Of course to file state back taxes you need to locate or request copies of your tax information as well as the prior years state tax forms. Finding tax forms from your job (W-2, 1099) or jobs may require some digging but the website for your state will have information for its department of revenue detailing whether or not they have the forms online for print or efile. From the department of revenue find out what the deadlines are for the taxes and particularly what penalties can be incurred. The three year deadline to collect back taxes refund that the IRS practices is often in practice with the states. If you have state taxes owed that are getting ready to hit the expiration mark for refund eligibility, file that year first so you can capitalize on your refund. In the event that you are due a refund then there are no penalties owed. It is best to file all of your subsequent state taxes at the same time, however in different different packages so as to minimize opportunity for clerical error and to avoid the likelihood of an audit. If you should have both a refund and a debt and it is not automatically held, the former to pay the latter, by all means use the refund to pay off the debt as quickly as possible.

Should you have taxes owed that are coming up on their expiration date for refund collection it may even be in your best interest to take this return information to a tax professional to help you get all the appropriate exemptions and credits so you do not owe for that year. Every time you have state taxes with a refund then there are no penalties to draw on and the less you have to worry about paying. Each time you file on time, you want to be meticulous and try to get a refund or break even so that you don't incur any debt. A tax professional will also know all of the little nuances that are indicative to your state to help you get the most benefit of your returns. Even if your back taxes have past the point of collecting a refund, evidence that you would have earned a refund that year will keep you from owing. Paying your state taxes as timely as you can also decreases future penalties and interest that you will be charged by the state.

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